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NRA State Associations

State Associations serve a critical role as the state-level delivery system for NRA programs and legislative information. The NRA depends on State Associations to promote firearms and the Second Amendment within their states and motivate NRA-affiliated clubs and grassroots volunteers to activate their programs in their local communities.

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Official State Associations operate separately from the NRA but are affiliated with and recognized by the organization.

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Success at the state level depends on building a strong, growing cadre of dedicated members.

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State Associations play a critical role by functioning as the state-level delivery instrument for NRA programs.

Our Success Depends On You

Official NRA State Associations are crucial partners in our mutual success. Your membership in your official NRA State Association is essential to all we do and to the future of all we will accomplish.

Consult this directory to find out more information about your official NRA State Association and how to contact them. Support your State Association by joining them today!

One of the categories recognized in the Annual NRA Club Awards Program is Excellence in Official State Associations. Visit this site for directions on how to apply.

State Association Grants

Official NRA State Associations are eligible to apply for funding from the National Rifle Association through the State Association Grant Program. This program is specifically designed to support such projects as purchasing office equipment, paying for staff, printing a newsletter, building/enhancing a website and other expenses.

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Don’t miss this great opportunity to enhance the shooting sports in your state! The deadline for consideration for this grant is August 1 annually. The Clubs & Associations NRA Board committee reviews all applications at the September meeting each year.


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For more information about this program, please call us at (800) 672-2582 or email [email protected].

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NRA State Associations

Representing all 50 states, these independent organizations are affiliated with and recognized by the National Rifle Association.